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About was started to strengthen the OTR community by providing a hub where developers can find each other, improve their respective projects and contribute to the OTR community.

Libotr is now accessible using a new bugtracker. This bugtracker is a new place for contributing to the reference implementation, libotr.

We also want to provide new and/or existing projects with hosting, i.e, giving them access to the bugtracker and git repositories. As of now, along with libotr, the pidgin-otr plugin is also hosted here.

However, is not a replacement for, it is merely an addition to the community as a whole and a way to do the project hosting.

Since Snowden's revelations have been published, the need for secure end-to-end communication has become clearer. We aim to help out with providing that. In collaboration with the libotr authors and the various OTR implementation developers.

Last but not least, get involved!