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OTR capable clients

Pidgin open source IM client with OTR plugin.


Pidgin is an Open-Source IM client for Windows and GNU/Linux with a plugin for having OTR conversations over many protocols.

Download Pidgin »

Download Pidgin-OTR »

Adium - an open source client for Mac OSX.


Adium is a free and open source instant messaging client for OS X. It has support for various IM protocols and comes with OTR by default.

Download Adium »

Chatsecure - an OTR client for Jabber on Android and iOS.


ChatSecure, formerly Gibberbot, is a fully featured instant messaging application integrated with “Off the Record” capabilities.

Download Chatsecure at GooglePlay »

Irssi-OTR - an Irssi OTR plugin.


Irssi-OTR is a plugin for the Irssi client which offers OTR functionality for those who prefer to work from their terminals.

Download Irssi-OTR »

Fork Irssi-OTR on Github »

WeeChat-OTR - an OTR script for the WeeChat client.


WeeChat is a commandline interface client. It runs on many platforms like Linux, Unix, BSD, GNU Hurd, Mac OS X and Windows (cygwin). Their script ecosystem allows for using various protocols like Jabber and IRC. Also OTR.

Fork Weechat-OTR on Github »

Jitsi - Open Source Video Calls and Chat.


Secure video calls, conferencing, chat, desktop sharing, file transfer, support for your favorite OS, and IM network. All this, and more, in Jitsi.

Download Jitsi »

Psi - Instant messaging as free and open as it should be


Psi is a free instant messaging application designed for the XMPP network. Fast and lightweight, Psi is fully open-source and compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. It has a plugin for OTR.

Download Psi »

Download OTR-Plugin »

CoyIM - A chat client that is secure and safe by default


CoyIM is a new chat client that is safe and secure by default: no settings to change, no plugins to install, no computer configuration to change. It uses OTR by default: no need to add a plugin.

Download CoyIM »