Release of libotr 4.1.0 and Pidgin-OTR 4.0.1

We are pleased to announce the release of pidgin-otr (4.0.1) and libotr (4.1.0). These are mostly bugfixes as well as some new translations for pidgin-otr.

Pidgin-otr updates:

  • Fix max message size for Novell Groupwise
  • New Czech, Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian Bokmal translations. Updated French, Chinese translations.
  • The Windows binary has been linked with updated versions of libotr, libgcrypt, and libgpg-error.

libotr updates:

  • Modernized autoconf build system
  • Use constant-time comparisons where needed
  • Use gcrypt secure memory allocation
  • Correctly reject attempts to fragment a message into too many pieces
  • Fix a missing opdata when sending message fragments
  • Don't lose the first user message when REQUIRE_ENCRYPTION is set
  • Fix some memory leaks
  • Correctly check for children contexts' state when forgetting a context
  • Add functions' definition for:
    • otrl_context_find_recent_instance()
    • otrl_context_find_recent_secure_instance()

Thanks to everyone who contributed on this release!

How to report bugs?

If you found any bugs or want to contribute to the otr project. The best way is to create an account or login using the anonymous cypherpunks account with password contribute on

You can also post on the OTR mailing list at for help.

Where can I find the releases?



The OTR team.