Solidarity with OTR developer Ola Bini

The OTR community stands in solidarity with OTRv4 developer Ola Bini, who has been arrested in Quito, Ecuador at 3:20 p.m. local time on April 11, 2019, when attempting to board a flight to Japan.

Ola Bini, a long time open source developer, is one of the leading developers of the new OTRv4 specification. A protocol for secure and private online communication. Without Ola's expertise and contributions, OTRv4 would not be where it is today. It's a prime example of how academic research can be implemented and released for free, for everyone to download, to have private and secure communications.

His contributions are sorrowly missed.

We demand the immediate release of Ola by the Ecuadorian government. We demand the dropping of all charges against Ola by the Ecuadorian government.

Please join us into demanding the release of Ola Bini by spreading the word.

If you want to follow any updates about Ola Bini's case, please follow the support website:

Signed, The OTR community